• Self-Awareness: Students will develop a deeper understanding of themselves using a strengths-based curriculum.
• Career Preparation: Through conversations about networking, professionalism & etiquette, students will be more prepared to begin a career after college.
• Global Citizenship: Students will be able to more fully understand what it means to be a global citizen.
• Community: Students will establish a network of first-generation peers with whom they can explore their identity with.
By participating in FGA, students will:
1. Be able to describe three ways they can impact their communities.
2. Be able to describe three concepts and skills that will help them achieve personal success in a variety of areas in their lives, such as goal setting, ethics, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and team building.
3. Be able to articulate their post-graduate options related to their field as demonstrated by a vision board and symposium presentation.
4. Establish a network of first-generation peers with whom they can explore their identity and how it relates to their personal and professional success. This will be demonstrated by participants having the contact information for five other first-generation peers.
The Retreat will be your first opportunity to meet other 3rd and 4th year first-generation students who are interested in understanding their identity as a first-gen student and planning for their future. You will also interact with a small group facilitator who will act as your retreat leader. The small group leader is a University of Florida faculty or staff member interested in your development as a leader.

NOTE: If you have class during parts of the retreat on Friday, January 19th, we will provide a letter to your instructor to excuse you from class. However, instructors make the final decision on your excusal.

You are a 3rd or 4th year student and it is time to start honing in on your skills to be successful as a college graduate. Connections are a time for FGA to come together every month and work on those skills. These are designed to meet your needs and help you feel ready to tackle life after college. Connection Topics include diversity, inclusion, social justice, personal and professional values, goal setting, strengths quest follow-up, conflict resolution, building your brand, leadership panel, and more!
The Summer Send Off is chance for you to reflect on the first half of FGA and discuss your summer experience plans. You will be able to see and reconnect with all of the FGA small group leaders while preparing to leave for your summer experience.
In order to get you thinking about networking and your future career goals while applying the skills you have learned through the year, you will be require to have a summer experience. While we encourage you to have an internship or job that pertains to your future career goals, we may also accept a study abroad or similar type trip as your summer experience. You summer experience must be approved by the FGA advisor. Try to think about FGA core values when choosing your summer experience as well.
A large part of many interview processes for graduate school and/or post-college employment involves a presentation. The summer symposium is designed to give you experience presenting to your peers and UF faculty/administrators. You will be paired with a FGA partner to craft a 25-minute presentation about your summer experience. The symposium takes place early in the Fall semester and is a two day symposium. The first day consist of preparing your presentation and the second day you will present to other first-generation colleagues.